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From time to time the Society has published books on the history of Langford and some copies are still available:

Langford Index of Names 2015

This free pdf publication is an Index of Names in Langford & District History Society Publications and in "Langford a Village Walk". It includes names on the Village war Memorials.

Free PDF Download here.

Langford Then and Now 2006

This book of 40 pages plus cover has two photographs on nearly every page of well-known places in the village showing how they looked then and how they look now. Some of the old photographs were taken 80—100 years ago.

Price £4

Langford through the Lens Volume 1

This book in 73 pages delves into Langford’s past with photographs of personalities and events explained in extensive captions. The reprint  has the advantage of incorporating amendments and discoveries made since publication by means of an errata list in the title pages. It is a nicely produced paperback book.

Price £5

Langford through the Lens, Volume 2 (published 1992)

This book in 80 pages offers a selection of old photographs (some with extensive captions) showing all aspects of village life and the personalities involved over the years.                  

Price £3

To purchase one of our books email Rowena Wolfe

high street looking south 1930's
high street looking south 2010
High Street looking south 1930s
High Street looking south 2010